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About Us

Stream flowing out of Goose Lake with Wildflowers in foreground and Sawtooth Mountain in the background

Goose Lake Trail Wildflowers with Sawtooth Mountain as a Backdrop



To pursue quality outdoor opportunities and experiences through the use of off highway vehicles (OHV) on public and private lands in friendship and with good stewardship of our resources.





To protect, preserve, maintain and expand recreational use of OHV on public and private lands:

    • By educating OHV enthusiasts in proper behavior while operating their vehicles.
    • By teaching and instilling good rider habits for safe vehicle operation through trail and border signage, area mapping, rider rules and regulations, providing information on area trail experience levels, club training, developing young riders and monitoring of rider activities.
    • By identifying unsafe area conditions, communicating destructive or damaging activities and illegal behavior to authorities, removing or marking rider hazards and conducting club clean-up and trail maintenance events.
    • By developing partnerships with public land-managers, private land owners and other entities who have common goals and interests.
    • By developing civil and professional communications with adversarial groups that will establish and define shared values, similar grounds and a working relationship that will reach common goals and open more outdoor opportunities for all.
    • By creating a family-oriented and community-supported social atmosphere at all events and group activities.
    • By keeping our club values and principles to a standard that will promote:
      • A healthy, respectful and responsible lifestyle.
      • Provide for quality outdoor lifestyle experiences.
      • And, develop an appreciation of our historical, natural and cultural resources of our lands for this and future generations.

Views from Sheep MountainHISTORY

Northwest Wyoming OHV Alliance (NWWYOHVA) is a non-profit, 501c4, Tax Exempt organization founded in the beginning months of 2012 by OHV enthusiasts.

It was a serious concern of the organizers that OHV users were not a significant voice in the public land planning with respect to the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Resource Management Plan (RMP) or the Shoshone National Forest plan revision that pressed the Alliance’s growth. These new plans would dictate land use for the next 15-20 years. Since the majority of the Big Horn Basin is public land that is administered by these two federal agencies, any changes in travel management would greatly impact the historic and epic trails that are currently enjoyed by OHV enthusiasts, now and forever. Also, there is considerable pressure being exerted by environmental groups to substantially reduce motorized trails. Therefore, a strong voice and representation for our recreational interest is necessary.

The club founders were also interested in the disbursement of funds generated by “Off Highway Vehicle” permits issued by the State of Wyoming and purchased by resident and non-resident enthusiasts. Those funds were identified as a large financial resource that could be used through grants to improve, upgrade and even expand off highway vehicle opportunities. The founders accepted this challenge and began partnerships with local and county governments, the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Those partnerships allowed the founders to prepare and submit several State applications through the “OHV Partnership Grants Program.” The club was not a recognized entity at this time and our founders accomplished most tasks supporting this effort on their own. Through the preparation of design and construction estimates, and countless meetings with other agencies, the club completed the work for those government bodies which would not have been done in our absence.

It is with the spirit and energy of our founding organizers that future members will benefit from OHV access to northwest Wyoming and experience it’s excellent outdoor opportunities.